Sep. 23rd, 2017 02:49 pm

Help Me Choose my NaNo 2017 project!

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Willerverse: Dark-Dystopian Supehero universe with an underground network of social/medical supports (features: mental health, kink, psi-based powers)
InterGalactic Urban Search and Rescue (IGUSAR): Hallows: Science-Fantasy Search and Rescue/Emergency Services Team, features: magic causes invisible disability and gender swapping, a system of oppression for a particular branch of magic (a rare form of in-born magic, rather than trained), a ghost as a co-captain
InterGalactic Urban Search and Rescue (IGUSAR): Heartbeat: Soft-SciFi Search and Rescue/Emergency Services Team, features: a lot of human-to-non-human relationships and social exploration

What should I write for NaNoWriMo 2017? free polls

Additionally, if you have something you want to prompt me with feel free to comment with a prompt.
Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:20 am

Alter Boys In Love is almost here!

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Hey guys, check it out! We got the new proof of Alter Boys in Love, and it's looking awesome!
Image of Mac showing off the book, cut to spare spam. )
Sep. 20th, 2017 11:29 am

Nice Things

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I don't know why it makes me so happy to notice people picking up things and habits from each other, but it does? It's just.. kind of cute tbqh, like. Yes, yes you have picked this up from your new friend or us or someone else, yous are affecting each other's mannerisms and lives in ways yous don't even notice yous are doing and it's just so adorable to see aha... ;w;/_

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:30 am

A break

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This last week has been hell for a lot of us for varying reasons, and generally pretty distressing and exhausting all around. I kind of want to see if I can just yknow - see if I can plan a nice day for folks, or at least a half day where we can all just have genuine fun but I'm not really sure what we can do in the area. At least in our price range. :^/

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There is a chestnut of misinformation on tumblr claiming that 'system' is a term made by DID folks, for DID folks, and nobody else is allowed to use it.  This is often wrapped up in the idea that multiplicity is owned by people with DID/DDNOS/OSDD, and anyone else claiming it is appropriating.  This is utter nonsense.  I've written numerous posts on this before, but here is the more thorough breakdown, first focused on the politics of this statement, and then the actual facts of reality.

The Politics: why this argument doesn't make sense, even under its own logic. )

The Facts: twenty-plus years of non-DID multiples using 'system.' )
Sep. 17th, 2017 12:33 pm

Changing our Internet Usage

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Hello!  It's Sneak!  I was thinking about an article that [personal profile] metahacker linked, this one about designing sites addictively.  And it's made me get on board with Mac and Biff's idea about changing how we interact with the Internet!

Namely: we will be deleting our Facebook, and drastically cutting down our tumblr time (if not ending it entirely).

But my reasons for it aren't the same as theirs.  Biff just doesn't like the Internet in general, and Mac noticed that it wasn't making us happy.  Rogan has said he finds internet stuff increasingly overwhelming, and I think I know why: the newer generation of social media sites are designed for constant interaction.

We grew up in an older Internet time, where you weren't expected to be online every day.  You could take a break for a week, and quickly catch up, no problem!  Forums, DeviantArt, Livejournal, all of these sites are (or were) not intended to be used multiple times a day, every day. (Unless you're a HARDCORE user.) The sites were also designed for specific things: to make posts, or put up art.  They weren't expected to be everything for everyone, and while DeviantArt had forums and chatrooms, you could do perfectly fine without them. (And I don't think the chatrooms were there when we first joined.)

However, as time has gone on and more folks are on the Internet more often, these sites have changed their design philosophy.  Instead of being made for folks to interact maybe a few times a week, they're now made to be posted on multiple times a day for long stretches.  They're also more generalized.  For instance, Facebook was originally intended for folks applying for college, or in college; now it's used to organize offline events and work engagements, catch up with people from your past, and have heated political arguments.  It has groups, events, chats, games, individual pages, all with very questionable security and ethics, and they sell the information for profit.

I don't think it's paranoid to say that a site like Facebook designs itself to be as omnipresent as possible so they can get as much information (and therefore as much profit) as they can from their users!  But I can say that it makes the site not a lot of fun to be on, for us anyway.  Even the nicest site in the world would get overwhelming and tiresome when you're encouraged to be there all the time!  And by trying to be everything for everyone, their designs tend to fall apart, because they're trying to do so many things at the same time.  So it becomes awfully byzantine (in the case of Facebook) or just plain incoherent and broken (like tumblr)!

Arguments and conflict happen on every website.  But when a site is designed to be used all the time, the rate of interaction as high as possible, then it means that instead of seeing conflict maybe once a month, you see it all the time, and that's its own kind of draining!  On the whole, I think that we are just not able to keep up with sites like that, and that it's bad for our health to try.

In other words, it's time to refocus our online energy to websites that are designed for fewer, more specific interactions!  Therefore, I personally vote in agreement for deleting our Facebook, continuing our low/no tumblr usage, and refocusing our attention on sites like Dreamwidth.


Sep. 16th, 2017 02:16 pm

Queer Crip Pride shirts!

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Hey guys, did you love the gorgeous textures and typography for our covers of the Homeless Year and Alter Boys In Love?  Awesome news, the designer friend who did those is now selling awesome queer disability pride shirts!  We're planning on buying the purple one with the pink 'disability pride' letters.

Also there's a sale going for about nine more hours, so snatch one on the cheap!

Woo, T-shirts!

--Sneak and Mori

Sep. 13th, 2017 02:29 pm

Back from Texas!

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Hello all!  As you can see, we've returned from our trip, and it wasn't as bad as Mori feared.  We're rather tired, but I'll give the quick sum-up!
  • The con went very well.  The entire trip cost us less than thirty dollars, thanks to Rogan selling well.  Huzzah!
  • We took all the photographs we needed of our childhood neighborhood, and I daresay we are now prepared for future comics set there.  Well done, dears! (However, we did not get to visit Candle Cave.  That's all right, Biff got a good hike, and regardless, we went in presuming it would be a bonus, not a given.)
  • We got to see some people of our past, including a couple high school friends, and Dr. Drag. (Dr. Drag was our first therapist, though we have not had that sort of relationship in years.  She has mentions on this blog, probably buried under the 'therapy' tag.) Their generosity allowed us to make this trip, and we are very grateful.
  • Rogan finished Alter Boys In Love, but due to the printer's website being broken on Mozilla and some truly peculiar requests regarding our formatting, we have not managed to finish the order.  We hope to complete that today.
  • Due to the intense work schedule, and the emotional challenge of returning to our hometown, Rogan has been worn out.  He will not be fronting for a bit, and Mori, Biff, Sneak, and I will manage things until he has rested up.

Thank you for your patience!
Sep. 12th, 2017 04:19 pm


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We... just downloaded a mobile client. We haven't been on laptop. At.. least most of us haven't. Not for more than work. Hopefully we can.. post more often now, though.

Sep. 11th, 2017 11:34 am

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Sometimes they come back; sometimes I bring them back.

Autumn comes early to Michigan. I yearn for Vinternoll. I hear drumbeats distantly in my mind, slow and drugging and rhythmic.
So I play the songs for him. Within "Rotlaust tre fell" I wreathe myself in fur and frosty mist and brambles, and Can Calah smiles, and I laugh, and the gate opens.

I climb Igdrasiil. I see the Hanged Man. I keep climbing. The bark is rough under my hands, but thrums like veins. I look deep into Igdrasiil. It looks back. Within its trunk is the stream, the fount, the Wellspring. I lose my grip. I fall in. 
I am borne upward. I am borne forward. I am thrust into the intensity of a storm. Lightning freezes solid under my hands and I climb, I climb the lightning until I break through the storm clouds, thick as wool. I stand upon the surface of the clouds, and I look around me. I am lost. Forests rush past and through me; things stampede through it, flowing around me in packs. Or am I hurtling through the forest? Both, maybe.
I am thrown down a ravine. I land and the forest is gone -- or it was here, in this hollow far below, but it is now scorched earth. A lonely and dead expanse.

I am lost again. I was always lost. It was a Fool's errand. I don't know where Vinternoll is. I never did.
I lie upon the earth. All is still. The song changes-- "Helvegen", and snow begins to fall upon me. I am frozen, still and silent. All is still and silent in the halls of the dead.

I think I see him coming. I don't believe it. All is still and silent in the halls of the dead.

Fenrir races ahead of him, large and keen and shaggy. He sniffs at me. Snow blooms ahead of Vinternoll, covering the stark and dry land. Snow covers me too, but it doesn't feel like freezing. It is cold and warm. It is icy and soft. I blink my eyes open. Fenrir sniffs at me. Vinternoll approaches, curious, and crouches, supported by his walking staff, and passes his hand over my face, and the ice dissipates.

Did you come looking for me? he asks, amused.

He picks me up in his free arm. He is large, much larger than me. I curl into his body, and it is warm where his heart is. His heart is exposed, the cage of his ribs insubstantial, and his heart glows red and fiery. It is fiery. It is fire. I curl into it. I reach up to his face, which is cold. "Bjornsi," I whisper affectionately but unthinkingly.

He is amused. My name is not Bjorn.

"I know," I falter, confused. "I keep calling you that. I don't know why."

It is fine. I will be Bjornsi for you.

He walks, carrying me. Igdrasiil blooms like a lighthouse in the distance. I see Can Calah framed in its light, like a person framed in the doorway of a home, waiting for their loved one to come in out of the cold.
"He waits for me," I say, smiling.

The song is ending. Vinternoll relinquishes me unto Can Calah. He reaches up to Igdrasiil, embracing it, bonding with it.

The song ends. I open my eyes, I look to Can Calah. "Did I find him?"
Can Calah laughs. Was there any doubt?

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